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Carolyn Christopher,  CLYT
Laughter Yoga Leader & Teacher
   Carolyn is the Founder and Director of The Laughter Project and a Founding Member of Ann Arbor Laughs, all based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has worked with groups numbering from 10 to 725. She works with her clients to ensure that their expectations will be exceeded and that skeptics in the groups leave the session with smiles and an appreciation for laughter in their lives.  
  She has been Laughing all her life and was trained in Laughter Yoga in 2007!
About The Laughter Project
     The Laughter Project is committed to bringing more joy and laughter into the world by; leading laughter clubs, facilitating workshops, certifying new laughter leaders, sharing laughter with students, seniors & patients, speaking at conferences & corporate events and coaching individuals.

     The Laughter Project has worked with a local community college in their Life-Long Learning program. Additionally they enjoy working with Seniors and regularly Laugh with several retirement communities. They have worked with young adults, children and mentally challenged individuals. They have designed and delivered programs in the prison environment, Universities and for government facilities. Knowing the many health benefits of Laughter Yoga, they particularly enjoy working with Health Systems designing programs to fit the health needs of specialty departments and their personnel and clients.

     Our client list includes Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital, the Michigan Public Health Institute, the University of Michigan and Washtenaw Community College as well as other organizations.

     We are affiliated with and certified by Dr. Madan Kataria's Laughter Yoga International.  We received our Laughter Yoga Teacher Training by the internationally known Laughing Laura recognized by Dr. Kataria as a Laughter Ambassador for the United States.

     The Laughter Project is LAUGHING right here in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the surrounding communities
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    Our Mission and the goal of Laughter Yoga is to bring good health, joy and world peace through Laughter. 

Laughter is universal with no language nor cultural barriers.

     Come Laugh With Us!

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