The Laughter Project

Laughter Yoga

A Life Changing Experience!
Here's What Others Have Said About Laughing With US!
                           Come Laugh With US!

"  'Get Your Giggle On: The Spirit of Laughter Yoga,' was an important aspect of our program.  Thank you for your time and efforts in making this event a success."      Hope Rollins, CEPU Director Michigan Public Health Institute  Michigan WIC Conference  Okemos, MI

" You are a part of our extended family.  Adding the Laughter Yoga to our activity calendar was a great decision and we plan to keep it going for a long time."    Gail Pacurai, Life Enrichment Coordinator for the Manor, Glacier Hills Senior Living Community  Ann Arbor, MI

​"Stupendous job blending the topics and elements of laughter and yoga.  It is IMMEDIATELY contagious.  Laughs were infectious and spontaneous from one to another.  Eyes sparkled; bodies visibly relaxed."    Catherine McAllister, Allegiance Health, Jackson, MI

" Thank you for making SeniorFest a huge success.  The workshop got great reviews!  Looking forward to future events."  Jennifer Polce, Program Director, Pittsfield Senior Center,  Pittsfield, MI

" I would like to extend my gratitude to you for participating in our Yoga Day a St. Joe's.  All who attended enjoyed your Laughter Yoga Session.  We appreciated your involvement in our event which introduced the community to the healthy aspects of yoga."  Diane Morse, Education Coordinator, Michigan Heart & Vascular Institute, St. Joseph Mercy Health System

" Thank you so much for sharing the Laughter Project with us for our Volunteer Appreciation event.  I saw people who never even smile, laughing and truly enjoying themselves.  You turned a group of people who didn't know each other into friends."  Barbara MacKenzie, Neighborhood Senior Services, Washtenaw United Way Agency  Ann Arbor, MI

" Thanks so much for sharing and laughing with our community.  They enjoyed it so much"   Shauna Mote, Support Coordinator, University of Michigan Community Amputee Network, University of Michigan Health System

Comments from Evaluation:  "A valuable part of the workshop was the interaction."  "Laughter for a healthy life - Fabulous job"  "Lots of fun!"
Washtenaw Community College LifeLong Learning, Michigan Education Association, Ann Arbor, MI

" As a Fitness Specialist, it is not always easy to get our residents to understand the benefits of exercise. Laughter Yoga provided an environment where our residents could release their endorphins and enjoy an exercise that is natural to them....Laughter! Everyone enjoyed the session."
Caitlin Wellness Director, St. Louis Center, Residential community for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

" I wanted to say thank you again.  Our party went extremely well and I think we definitely owe part of that to you two - I think it really helped to set the tone for the day."     Matt Vuocolo, Dental Informatics, University of Michigan